Island of Fire (Songs of the Zhongzi Book 3)

A flock of Homelanders, kidnapped and brought to the Island of Fire by wobblers, must create new lives. Although the island's environment seems hostile, it is home to fantastic and beautiful lifeforms and ecosystems they have never met before. They find places where they could happily settle. But the island is already inhabited by the Vulkans - zhongzi who ride above the volcanoes, and who have lived on the island since ancient times. The Vulkans, fearing that the newcomers are the first of a wave of refugees from the Homeland, are divided in their reactions. Ancient conflicts surface, and the newcomers find themselves caught up in the machinations of the Vulkans. But with their colourful diversity of talents and callings the newcomers fight their battles in their own unique way, and slowly bring far- reaching changes to the Vulkan society.

"This book is nr. 3 in the series on the Zhongzi, the small geyser-riding creatures that were created and released on the planet of Shianshenka as an experiment. The author continues in her philosophical experiment, researching very real human dilemnas in a very different world, and giving complex questions a fresh imaginative context." Future Fire