Island of Rainbows (Songs of the Zhongzi Book 2)

Escaping from slavery in the dark Eastern Caverns, the Siren folk are carried by a storm far out over the ocean. What follows for some, is a magical journey in a deep-running ocean spiral. For others, a meeting with the enchanting gossamer globes - wise deep-sea creatures, that become their mentors and protectors. Both groups end up on the shores of the wonderful Island of Rainbows. But the curse of the Homeland has not left them. Along the way, some have aquired a religion that becomes dangerously fanatical. Recognising that failure to deal with this will destroy the fabric of their society, the leaders of the community at the Labyrinth send emissaries to the gossamer globes for advice. The answer, it seems, lies in the tragedies that have befallen the Homeland, and the mysteries that now surround the island.

"This book is nr. 2 in the series on the Zhongzi, the small geyser-riding creatures that were created and released on the planet of Shianshenka as an experiment. The author continues in her philosophical experiment, researching very real human dilemnas in a very different world, and giving complex questions a fresh imaginative context." Future Fire