Book 1: Songs of the Zhongzi

When one hundred small creatures, each a little shining jewel, individually crafted with respect and love, find their way through the hatch to life in the sulphur-sweet air of their own wild planet, they start on a wonderful journey that parallels the rise of human civilisation. Against a fantastically beautiful back- drop. the zhongzi develop colourful personalities. They learn how to ride the geysers, harness the winds and interact with the weird and delightful endemic life forms . They create cultures and communities radically different from anything known by their human creators. But confronted by ideological challenges and divided into radically different societies, their actions have drastic and far-reaching consequences

"This book is a major undertaking: the charting, through narrative, of the creation of life through to its destruction. The rise and fall of social constructs, ethics, creativity, and ideological conflict. It is carried off in an episodic fashion. This is speculative fiction at its purest: an actual speculation." Kate Onyett, Future Fire

"This book is is unlike anything else you've read before. Sivertsen has created a unique world with inventive characters in beautiful language." H.E.Saunders, Dying Book Affair

"The characters may be simple feathery balls but they pack a very intellectual punch.There are a lot of complex concepts brought to the forefront that are presented in the most simple and entertaining way. Tyson Maurman, Speculative Fiction Reviews